The Guilduron Experience

A nice place to just chill out, build, chat, explore. We strive to bring the adulthood back into Minecraft. With Guilds you can now invite your firends to join your efforts on the server to become the top players. With team efforts put towards the Guild, you can buy Buffs and empower your guild for action. You can also share your wealth within your Guild using the Guilds Vault, a shareable chest for every member. When you're not Guilding it up, take a moment to explore the server. Rest assured you'll be able to make your way around easily. Here we run a few plugins to enrich gameplay all-around. Making an enjoyable experience for those who are wanting to actually play.
Conquer the map!

  • Trophy
  • Trophy
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Unique Matched Loot

Killing mobs isn't just about swinging your sword anymore. Increasing your protection will make harder mobs spawn. The harder the mob, the more amped the loot becomes.

Generated Terrain

Tired of the same looking Minecraft? Tired of seeing the same generations from "Custom Generators"? Guilduron maps have been expanded to include over 100 new biomes. With a 30Million Block World Border, you get to explore vast distances and see them all.


Here you will have several choices when it comes to making money on the server. You can pick up a job, sell back to the sever. You can even sent things to an Auction House for players to buy.

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A few more lurking bits....

  • Abilities

    Unique loot isn't the only way. Guilds also have buffs that can be purchased to make your merchants more powerful.

  • Generated Terrain

    Many new structures and sites to see. Be prepared for a battle though, an Elite could be waiting for you.

  • Friendly

    Meet new players, build your Guild and share experiences. Join our Discord to talk and share your experinces on the server.

  • Raids

    They are bound to happen on any server. There is no rules against this here, but we do have ways to protect your precious. You will have 2 options for ways of protection. Guilds and RedProtect.

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